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The mission of Instituto de Belleza y Arte Barbering is to prepare committed students for fulfilling careers in the beauty industry. Only through high quality education we will be able to provide graduates of all courses to be successful. The course of studies are directed to provide a solid foundation for our students, to increase their knowledge and gain many opportunities available in the beauty industry. Our Mission establishes our shared accountability with our students for completion, licensure and placement in a desirable job and we strive for beyond superior performance in each.


This catalog is a guideline of what Instituto de Belleza y Arte (IBA) expects of its students.  Students are held individually responsible for complying with all requirements of the rules and regulations of IBA.


IBA reserves the right to modify its policies based on changes in accreditation requirements, state or federal laws, or for any other reason at the discretion of Instituto de Belleza y Arte.

(Date of publication: September 2016).

Some of our programs:

Cosmetology Operator - Operador Cosmetologia

Manicure - Manicura

Esthetician - Esteticista

And More! - Y Más!

These Standards of Conduct are established for the specific purpose of promoting an enriched learning environment for all Students. Developing efficient work habits, a positive attitude and definite goal orientations during training will enhance your potential for success. 

Individuals with criminal history please refer to TDLR's website for more information on oversight restrictions.

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